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I got to know Gd Maitre Ricardo Murgel in 2003 during the international meeting in Sao Paulo of Gd Maitre Flavio Behring. An extraordinary man with a great jiujitsu, I then decided to bring him to Paris so that the French could work with a huge source of knowledge, I let him introduce himself to you!

I am Ricardo Murgel, head coach, instructor and founder of the Union team. I am one of the few 9th degree Grand Masters of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the world.

I started my martial arts and law enforcement journey at the age of 12, in 1957, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Since 1974, I have been a black belt in Judo, and I have trained and competed in Europe, Japan and Brazil, for almost 27 years, with extensive training in Boxing, Muay-Thai, Free Style Grappling, Submission Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), as a competitor, instructor and trainer. I also have weapons expertise covering bladed and improvised weapons as well as firearms. I am the only 9th degree BJJ Grandmaster to also be certified by the Peace Officer Standard Training Council (P.O.S.T) as a guest instructor in defensive tactics and firearms. I have been sharing my practical experience around the world for over four decades now.

In the field of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts, my achievements speak for themselves. I have trained and continue to train and coach hundreds of fighters, including dozens of Global, National and International BJJ and Submission Grappling champions. I have also coached and trained MMA fighters in the PRIDE championships and the UFC.

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