With the escalation of violence all over the world, it is unfortunately almost essential and indispensable for you to be able to defend yourself and those you love. Studies around the world have shown that the risks of aggression are growing. The statistics are sometimes even more than frightening.

It seems that someone who has no concept of self defense does not have the slightest chance in case of aggression. The self defense you will learn at Bittan Academy is the most practical and safest of combat systems, it has been modified for civilian use.

The principles are simple SIMPLE – EFFECTIVE – EASY

These courses are intended for everyone and will teach you the essential techniques to allow you to save your life or those of others.

THE BITTAN ACADEMY is affiliated with the FFKADA (French Federation of Karate and Associated Disciplines) for France, at the international level with the WKMSD (World Krav Maga Self Defense).

CHILDREN (from 5 years old)

 – Bittan Anti-Bullying Self-Defense Program .

In another burst of excellence, the Bittan Academy offers courses for your children from 6 years old.

Bittan Anti-Bullying Self-Defense Program, comes from Krav Maga, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, world renowned and one of Europe’s top-ranked Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners and expert Krav Maga; Patrick Bittan . It is an ideal activity to help your children gain confidence and manage conflicts.

Why choose this program?

We always try to avoid conflicts. Dialogue, assertiveness, calming and non-confrontational gestures are key tools to achieve this.

The Bittan anti-bullying self-defense program allows your children to integrate very simple techniques to react better in delicate situations and tips to help them manage on a daily basis.

An activity to channel your child’s energy

Is your child bursting with energy?

Having many arguments with their siblings? Does your child tend to use aggression rather than express themselves?

This class is fun and non-violent. The values ​​and education of the child are put forward. The course becomes a place where he can express himself and learn to control his desire to fight as well as learn to defend himself as a last resort. Bittan’s anti-bullying self-defense program will help your children avoid confrontation and channel their energy.

The objective of the course is to provide a framework and to teach principles and values. We therefore learn to avoid violence, the goal being to be able to defend ourselves only in case of necessity.

A sport, a method of self-defense to let off steam and have fun

The course is accessible to all : there is no need for prior experience because the principle is to capitalize on your natural reflexes. The course is designed as a game. It’s not about learning how to fight, but integrating the basics while having fun. The course is therefore both a sport to let off steam and a lesson in discipline.

The values ​​and philosophy of the Bittan Anti-Bullying and Self-Defense program :

SELF-CONFIDENCE : Learn to react in all circumstances

EFFICIENCY : A simple, efficient and realistic system

RESPECT : Share sporting moments in a friendly atmosphere