Mixed Tactical System

The Mixed Tactical Training Level 1 is the 1st level of Patrick Bittan's Self Defense method.

The Mixed Tactical System (MTS) street fighting system combines the best of a wide variety of ancient and modern styles into a practical approach that is very simple and effective in many scenarios.


Techniques come from a variety of styles including: Krav Maga Defense concepts, Simple, Quick and Effective, Kickboxing fundamentals, footwork, very aggressive boxing, Gracie JiuJitsu skills such as locks, chokes, positions and strategy, Vale Tudo methods (everything is permitted) on an open state of mind, ranges of combat, kicks and punches without protection (bare hands) and especially the special forces for the uses of defense weapons and all the principles.
This hands-on approach is taught in the context of real-world scenarios involving improvised and live weapons. The MTS includes a variety of hands-on exercises and techniques that rely on the natural movements of human biomechanics and gross motor skills. The program is a way to understand how to dynamically use basic movements to defend yourself and control or disarm your attacker(s). the emphasis is on real-world tactical skills using a wide variety of defensive tools or bare hands.
The MTS answers the fundamental question: when and how to appropriately and effectively use a sharp or other tool to defend myself and others?
In summary, the methods, techniques and skills taught are practical, consistent, quick and effective against a variety of different attacks. The MTS was designed to meet the unique legal and physical challenges of today’s high-threat environment. It is not a martial arts or combat sports fighting style. They are principles of movement tied to conceptual and physical patterns that are easily learned, practiced, and applied to make real-world self-defense easier to understand and accomplish—that’s why it’s a SYSTEM.
You will be asked to provide a martial CV in order to validate your selection process, which will then be studied by the internal commission.
After acceptance of your CV by the commission, you will then be contacted personally to participate in the training.


Elaboration of changes to law enforcement school manuals with the Ministers.
Since the Prime Minister’s announcement that he initially wanted to remove what he calls “the choke key”.
Or clearly he wanted to remove strangulations, chest pressures, during controls of recalcitrant individuals.
I made the presentation of the new scalable system for law enforcement, which responds to all our issues, whether legal, criminal, and even medical.
This allows the government to cover itself.
The problem is that the police did not have a reliable system to use. I can tell you that when this evolutionary system is released, in addition to being much more effective than rear chokes, it allows all agents to limit the risks.
Another increasingly problematic issue for law enforcement is the attempt to recover equipment from agents, weapons, handcuffs, batins, gas, etc….
How to protect your equipment? And protect themselves if the individual is also equipped?
Patrick Bittan

✅Special Forces Trainer
✅Warrant Officer Reserve GIGN
✅Trains more than 38 different countries whether Police, Military, Gendarme, Swatt, Air Marshall, Private Security, Civil, ect!!!!
✅In charge for the development of new systems of French law enforcement by the Government.
✅5th dan black belt in Krav Maga (from Hakoah KM)
✅5th dan black belt in Gracie JiuJitsu (highest French rank)
✅London Hall of Fame Pioneer of the year.